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Amor Vincit Matter

When two lovers love
they seldom speak of Einstein

But if they did
it just might be to note

That just as light is larger
than the few bands that we see

energy is all
with some slowed enough to touch

and some fast enough for this

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 



My muscles were turning to bone
as my bones had turned to stone

I still could walk
though less each year
from place to place
from house to house
from car to bar
bar to car

Or sometimes
with a special you
to view a special view

But there was no pleasure
in the walk itself

Nor had their been
as I recall
since the age of five
when my dog was still alive

and we would roam the ranch
from dawn to stealthing dark
with spring in both our steps

And then

just as I was about
to fall into winter
Emilie Conrad came along

That serpentinian septuagenarian
that Guru of fluid and flow
high priestess of Continuum
breath, movement, and sound

bringing into awareness
the waves under the patterns

Teaching the embracing
of possibilities in bodies
as Hal and Sidra Stone
teach embracing of selves

how much of us is water
and the fluid capability
of systems to transform

This story isn’t over yet
but there is a new lightness
at the end of the tunnel



In the dream
Hal and I are sitting on the curb
at the corner of Time and Wisdom
having a nice long chat

It is one of many dreams
with Hal and Sidra in starring roles

If they were to charge us for this time
(as they sometimes threaten to do)
I mean even at their standard rates
never mind 2.5 for nights and weekends
how many many thousands would we owe

If they charged for the wisdom
the national debt would seem low



The Event
In October 2007 a number of Voice Dialogue teachers and friends gathered in Boulder to celebrate Hal’s 80th birthday and Sidra’s 70th birthday. I was honoured to be asked to write a theme poem, then Larry said, “But not a Limerick”.

The Limerick

There were two therapists from Thera
Who were so wise they would scare a ya

The were so darned smart
They could take you apart

And you couldn’t hide hide nor hair a ya



From the old tribe of Isaac
and the old tribe of Ishmael

Israeli and Palestinian
couples and their children
come together by the sea and share

We are teaching the skills of listening
the skills of sharing and skills of hearing

The rules are simple
tell your truth as your truth only

Assume as you listen
that the person makes sense
If they do not seem to make sense
assume you need more information,

By the end of the weekend
the eight year olds are sleeping over
teenagers walk on the beach till dawn

A new tribe being formed