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I am of course a little shy
to recommend that God
spend more quality time
on that big couch in the sky

But it appears he is showing of late
a tendency towards co-dependency

Telling everyone what they want to hear
and trying to keep every fanatic as a fan
as long as he can

Saying one thing one day to George
and the opposite the next to Saddam
disfunctionates the best of families
and has the world in a terrible jam

I’m not sure where he should go for advice
talking to yourself is not usually good
but sometimes the kids can help

So, if young Jung is around he might
do some work on those troubling dreams
or Siggy might be able to help with the
complexes and the coping schemes

So all I really want to say to the big guy
is there’s no shame in asking for help
and we’re all behind you, so please try