Monthly Archives: August 2008



Today we honor
those who chose
if choose they did
to serve and die in uniform

For some cause or causes
made noble by
their dying

And by ennobling
perhaps persuade

Is the next day, or the next
for those who shared the hell
but did not dress so well

And their numbers
oh yes, the terrible
terrible numbers

But we best not
speak of numbers
for in death, one
is the only number

And if we cannot
speak of math
can we speak
of aftermath

Land mines in the ground
mass destruction
in slow motion

Land mines in the mind
a uniform heritage
for those who did
and did not wear
a uniform

A moment of silence now
for us all



Dearest Mother;

Sorry to disturb you
in your well deserved bliss,
but here’s a short list
of things that I forgot to ask

And, if it isn’t too much trouble
I’d like the answers as detailed as possible

It will be understandable
if you can’t conjure up a voice,
but one rap for yes, and two for no,
on a floating table won’t quite do

However, if you can look up Samuel Morse,
(who may well be bored and available),
he can give you a quick-study course
and I will dust off my old Boy Scout manual

I believe “talk to me” In Morse still becomes:

-/•-/•-•/-•- -/— –/•

So, now that we’ve got the hang of it;

– What was the best day of your life
– What was your worst

– Your greatest triumph
– Your greatest disappointment

– What you are happiest that you did
– Saddest that you didn’t

Why exactly did my uncle shoot my dog

Whatever happened to my baseball
card collection, with the rookie
Mickey Mantle

and what is heaven like