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(for Maia)

Boogie man boogie man get out of my dream
Boogie man boogie man can’t make me scream

Cause I’ve got a dream catcher over my bed
I’ve got a dream catcher right over my head

Now only sweet dreams can make it through
and boogie man boogie man that ain’t you

Boogie man boogie man get out of my dream
Boogie man boogie man can’t make me scream

You were feeding on my fears all night long
that’s what was making you big and strong

Now dream catcher and me have got you beat
so you have to eat at Susie’s down the street

Boogie man boogie man get out of my dream
Boogie man boogie man can’t make me scream



As we look around the world today we see
with God as our father in trouble all are we

Fathers as you know, often have a tendency
towards discipline, judgement and wrath
while grandparents almost always
take a wiser, gentler path

There may be much to learn
as we choose, or create our deity
from the Blackfoot, Sioux and Cree
who still gather at Grandfather’s knee

APRIL 2ND 2005

APRIL 2ND 2005

The pope died today
I heard about it on the radio
on the way to the Bahai reading

The pope died today and the pope was a poet
I know because I have one of his books

Anyway, the pope died today
and the pope was a poet

He was a good and a wise man too
who apologized to the Gypsy and the Jew

But I know he would
because the pope was a poet

And he was working yet
to get the big banks to forgive
the third world’s crippling debt

But that was no surprise
because the pope was a poet

And now as cardinals
in solemn gaggles gather
to spread portfolios for a look

I hope they look for a poetry book

MRE (with Poe Apology)

(with Poe apology)

Quoth the Evangelist
mount up and ride
to hell with those
not on our side

Quoth the Relater
who are we with, who’s with us
we can’t leave anyone off the bus

Quoth the Maven
I need info, tell me more

Quoth the Evangelist
we can’t wait for you to stew
there are worlds to sae
and things to do

Quoth the Relater
alright, alright, I’ll go with you
but only if we save the people too

Quoth the Maven, mind the store
Quoth the Maven, mind the store

Based on three core types in
“The Human Fabric” by Bijoy Goswami



The taxes of my love are late, late, late
and she’s also late for a luncheon date

So my good old co-dependent self
leaps straight away into the mess
taking as always his cue to rescue
every damsel in every distress

Leaps as always, and leaps so fast
that it leaps well over and past
the part of me that does not like
this part and calls it names

The one that grumbles at the load
at every light on Bee Cave Road

And probably would have chewed
that bone all the way to San Antone
if it wasn’t for the flowers on 360

The bluebonnets and the buttercups
and the paintbrush made him hush
the ones we would have missed
without the detour tour

A smile and a reminder
from the parent of the pair
do up your seatbelts children and
don’t squabble in the back
sometimes when you do a favor
you quickly get it back



At first it tickled Adam
that she counted his ribs each evening
when he returned from the office of naming

But even in eternal time that can get old
and after a while it started to chafe
from her ever growing nails

Which was just exactly the place
that caught one day on a dry branch
of the old tree where the snake lived

He was quite pleased to find
that this one could type



Buffalo soldiers, buffalo soldiers
on call once more

Buffalo soldiers, buffalo soldiers
fighting the white man’s war

First you killed the red man
then the yellow, now the brown

So everything stays nice and safe
in our white man’s town

But this is America and
when you come back

When you come back
in a plane or a sack

When you come back
you’ll still be black