Monthly Archives: October 2004



Bin Laden and Bush are bombing for God
tantric devotees are humping for God

Hindus are sitting on peaks and lying on
nails and wiping out Moslems for God

In Ireland they’re still at killing their brother
in the name of the Father and the holy Mother

In the Holy lands while the world overlooks
they are killing for land and two holy books

As for me

I’ve done nothing near so dramatic this year
to show the depth of my belief

Although I’m wondering if maybe the Deity
may be finding that a bit of a relief



The drums of war are beating again
and all the brave young boys
are leaving their mothers
to go off and be men

And they all will be changed
for the better or worse
and many a blessing
lies under a curse

And if they come back at all
when they come back from war
they’ll have friends oh my friends
like they’ve not had before

Yes the friends they make here
midst the death and the fear
are friends that grow dear
and yet dearer each year

For a new family is formed
in the sand and the mud
where each man learns
blood is thicker
than blood