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Let in the love and give it when you can
See the pain and relieve it when you can
Get into religions and beyond them if you can
Follow all the Gurus and pass them if you can

Dive into each teaching for all the essence there
And strip and strip and strip until you’re bare

But keep my friends I pray a little sense of fun
For when the doings and undoings are all done
and the livings and dyings are all done

Somewhere East of Kundalini
The sun with rise _____ and _____ You will be the sun



As above so below
In a life between lives

I sit at a table of light
Set like Da Vinci’s last supper

A table of light lined with people of light

The one in the center the brightest of light
Takes a knife all of light and cuts an arm all of light

The slice of his flesh drips red with his blood
(the only color in the picture of light)

To each at this table he offers

The gift of his flesh to the people of light
(the only color in the picture of light)

One by one they have a choice
not a last supper, but a first

By accepting the gift of his flesh
(the only color in the picture of light)

They come to this Earth
their own gifts to give