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The Buddhists say

“Breathe in all the pain of the universe
and breathe out love”

For the longest time I thought
in my Protestant work ethic way
this is important for the good of the world
and I should be doing it

Work hard breathe in
work hard transform
work hard breathe out

Protesting somewhat now I see
It has nothing to do with doing at all
and little to do with me

If you do not try stop it
you will breathe in the pain of the world
for it is all around you

If you do not try to stop it
you will become one with it all

and breathe out what you have become



I said it’s good to see you back
How’s your search for all
knowing going

She said, I had it down pat
if meditation is where it’s at

with breathing below perception
and everything nearing perfection

Then one day on a Kiwi beach
deep in the oneness a loud voice said

“You can do that when you’re dead”