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Poems and stories about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001



You get rid of bad habits
by replacing them with good

It may be the same with pictures

One hundred years ago
on September eleventh 1906
Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi
stood up before 3000 Hindus and Moslems
in the Empire Theater in Johannesburg

With Satyagraha – The Force of Truth
they pledged under God to defy an unjust law
without use of violence, despite consequences

I don’t want, or expect, to forget the lessons
or math and aftermath of September 2001

But I hope peace comes first to my mind
the next time the number comes up



The trouble is
you can only count the bodies that count

Afghani and Iraqi soldiers and citizens
have already paid ten times 911
but it doesn’t seem to help

If it’s only American lives that count
then it’s only American deaths that count

So if one dead hero cancels one dead victim
let’s give some thanks this Thanksgiving
we’re more than half way there



Collateral damage
is the disease of the day
and the greatest cause of dyin
is just gettin in the way

Yes people are dyin who have no say
people all dyin just from gettin in the way

In Palestine it’s Arafat
that they’re all aiming at

And the bombers of Allah
want Sharon to be gone

Refugee camps and ice cream shops
the bombin and the dying just never stops
and nobody’s factions own up to their actions
so it’s all reactions to reactions to reactions
with all the weapons piled on one side
and the other side reduced to suicide

Bush wants Hussein
Hussein wants the bomb
And half a million children die
who can’t spell embargo and don’t know why

Carpet bombers killing in wave after wave
while Bin Laden sits still safe in his cave
more Afghanis dead than in both towers
doesn’t impress the press or the powers

Children in uniform may be innocent too
killed in you don’t join, what would you do

Big business and the army
have screwed the world brown
but they’re not the ones dying
when the towers go down

Yes collateral damage
is the disease of the day
and the greatest cause of dyin
is still just gettin in the way

The feds had weapons that gave off sparks
And now Waco is full of Joan of Arcs
A crime that leads to Oklahoma City
and day care there was far from pretty

Yes an epidemic is under way, and a lot of
little children with nothing to say
dyin of the disease of just
gettin in the way



Debbie, a great friend of mine, died too young
and in too much pain in Houston about five
years ago now

This moment just sneaked up on me
earlier this year

Can’t help wondering how many people
are having Debbie moments now in New
York and around the world from what
happened just six weeks ago

How many people in the world in the last
five years having Debbie moments from
a hole blown in their sky


(or time to be looking up)

Still wrapping themselves in tanks
old warriors fighting wars on the ground

Like Saddamm and the Taliban soon found
when others struck from the air
the safety just wasn’t there

As armour that they thought would save
became a target and a grave

Still wrapping themselves in flags
Government no longer of, for, or by the people

Like Saddam and the Taliban now find
when others strike from anywhere
the safety just isn’t there

As the land of the free and home of brave
becomes a target and a grave