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And this, children, is the skull of Lucy
three million year old ancestor of us all

(If you can believe
anthropologists without bibles)

Who lifted the very first football
at the very last moment

so the very first Charlie Brown
could miss and fall on his bottom

After three million years
Charlie is still the hero of the piece

Never letting experience
change his trusting nature



At the age of three or four
her bike hit a sharp ditch
pitched her into a fence
and broke her jaw

The tooth buds were damaged
and never grew in right

At about the same age
something else happened

She can’t remember just what
the family wouldn’t listen then
and the family won’t talk now

But the trust buds were damaged
and never grew in right



I was noticing again the other day
watching a movie, strangely enough
called “Remains of the Day”
that even though you died
you haven’t gone away

In the movie
a bird gets trapped in the house
and tries to fly
through the high ceiling glass

Remember the time in the office in Austin
when the sparrow was trying in panic to
escape in this way

You spoke to it in your stardust voice
and it landed in trust in your hand

I remember the windows you flew against
and your trust so light in my hands

And it’s a comfort to see
you and the sparrow
both flying free



When I returned from anywhere by air

Roberta would run
full out across the crowded floor
take a gymnast’s leap ten feet away
and fly through the air into my arms

So pure a show it was of joy and love
so affirming of the goodness of all life
so full of youth’s unquestioned faith
she would be safely caught and held

that travelers all around

would stand in awe

Today she runs across a crowded floor
and leaps with equal joy
into the arms of another man with
equal trust she will be safely caught and held

And now I see what all those others saw

and I stand back in awe