Kind Words

If you are interested in contacting Neil please email or contact Patricia Bullock at Blue Accordion Press

“We continue to be moved by your poetry; by the ever increasing depth and beauty that comes through  you. All that has come your way in life goes through an amazingly creative process and emerges with power, immediacy, and clarity.” – S. Stone

“Since 2007, I have been carrying Neil’s Wheels (and Other Poems) in my small satchel of treasured writings pretty much all around the world…  Your poetry whispers of Hafiz, and of course Mary Oliver.” – C. Hill

“I like all of them so I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite if I was forced to, it might be Pulling Pipe because it creates a world I have never thought about before” – M. Silverton

“It (First Art Project) paints a great picture of early beliefs learned and then stepping out new-ly” – S. Tyler   

“In the country south of Moose Jaw lies a world of grasslands. Fishing Old Wives Lake embodies the beauty of this land, the people who live upon it, and the mystic power of water in unexpected places. This is a landscape and a people Neil Meili makes sure you will never forget.” – Barbara Sapergia author, Dirt Hills Mirage, Dry, and Blood and Salt

“Neil is a Cowboy Poet with a Zen twist. He’ll set you up easy, then shoot you right between the frontal lobes” – Thom the World Poet co-founder, Austin International Poetry Festival

“Others tell stories, Neil paints pictures” – Pincher Creek Cowboy Poetry Festival

“Cowboy poetry. (From my side). Written by those who’s life has left them sorting through gravel to find flecks of life’s golden nuggets. Souls that find meaning from simple pleasures and see beauty that is pushed to the side of the path. Pain so raw you feel your own blood or tears leak to the ground. Or quiet like a breeze on a willow branch. Read it again—-it means so much more. It whispers and pulls a childhood memory to the surface in a flutter of a birds wing, or the smell of a steam engine, or the taste of berries picked from the underside of a bush in the coulee. Half of a cowboy poets rendering comes from the memory of the listener. Sweet or bitter. Happy or sorrowful.
That guy with the mic, reading from his book is half. The other is taking the printed copy you buy to read over and over in some quiet corner to find how many layers there are beneath the words that speak to the memories of your past.
Thank God for cowboy poets as the world is changing so fast. The simple life, only seen through their eyes evaporates in a heart beat.” – J. Silzer