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In Greece

In Greece I remember and meet myself everywhere
I am Socrates questioning
I am the athlete striving, the architect planning, the builder building, the potter shaping, the sculptor seeking, the warrior dying and the poet pointing

In Greece I am all men and all gods as well and I remember how many times, in this life alone I have pushed the rock endlessly uphill carried the world on my shoulders had my liver eaten by the savage bird 
How many times I have fallen in love with my own reflection reached out for the sweet grapes and sweet water to find them moving always beyond my grasp
been forced to echo only what others have said
tied myself to the mast to resist the siren's call
Fought in a thousand wars full out on the open field or sea or hidden in the belly of a wooden horse

In memory of Pere, who lit and fanned the love of the Greeks in the author and others; and to Kevin Anderson, this year’s recipient of the Pere Athol Murray award presented to the Notre Dame student who best exemplifies the characteristics, principles and ideals he modelled and taught.

Amor Vincit Matter

When two lovers love
they seldom speak of Einstein

But if they did
it just might be to note

That just as light is larger
than the few bands that we see

energy is all
with some slowed enough to touch

and some fast enough for this

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay