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150th Birthday Limerick

In October 2007 a number of Voice Dialogue teachers and friends gathered in Boulder to celebrate Hal’s 80th birthday and Sidra’s 70th birthday. I was honoured to be asked to write a theme poem, then Larry said, “But not a Limerick”.  (Hal and Sidra Stone are the  developers of Voice Dialogue, the psychology of selves


New Tribes

Neil and Dorsey are part of the Imago Relationships International Peace Project, and have helped to develop a model of safe sharing in groups called Communologue.
In 2007 they were part of a weekend gathering of three generations of Palestinian and Israeli families at a Kibbutz on the Mediterranean south of Haifa, co-led by their friend and associate Orli Wahrman. Many of the second and third generation had never met one of the ‘other’. By the end of the weekend there were no ‘others’.


Beavers’ teeth never stop growing so they chew on wood to keep them at a manageable length. If they didn’t maintain them their teeth would eventually grow into their brains.


I shot a beaver in my youth
who cursed me with this curse

My teeth
will be your poems now

remembering our gift unused
grows fatal to the brain