Monthly Archives: October 2005


(for Orli and Gideon)

These are the days of the rats in the cages

The burrowing into sawdust corners
the gnawing on bars
and the running on wheels
mostly the running on wheels

Even at night, specially at night
while God in his lab coat naps in the corner

and you know with perfect logic and insanity

If you could just do it fast enough
if you could just do it right enough

Like the wheels of old watches
all the cogs would fit the way they used to
when the good ones all had jewels
sleeping safe in their dark cases

And each morning you had to wind them up
if you wanted hours in your day

And you know, wish, know, wish, know,
that there is another way that this must go

And if you could just get the woulda, coulda
shoulda, coulda, woulda, shoulda; would,
coulda, shoulda, woulda, wheels
to mesh their gears just right

You could turn it all back



I am of course a little shy
to recommend that God
spend more quality time
on that big couch in the sky

But it appears he is showing of late
a tendency towards co-dependency

Telling everyone what they want to hear
and trying to keep every fanatic as a fan
as long as he can

Saying one thing one day to George
and the opposite the next to Saddam
disfunctionates the best of families
and has the world in a terrible jam

I’m not sure where he should go for advice
talking to yourself is not usually good
but sometimes the kids can help

So, if young Jung is around he might
do some work on those troubling dreams
or Siggy might be able to help with the
complexes and the coping schemes

So all I really want to say to the big guy
is there’s no shame in asking for help
and we’re all behind you, so please try



The banshees and banishees are
still flying around in my head

Even though the banishers
are elsewhere or dead
and can’t send me without supper
cold and lonely to my bed

Hunger was always lonely
and lonely hungry behind that door
it’s easy to get things mixed up
when you’re four

But I’m still
eating today when you send me away
and probably will until
I pluck the i from the banishee



The trouble is
you can only count the bodies that count

Afghani and Iraqi soldiers and citizens
have already paid ten times 911
but it doesn’t seem to help

If it’s only American lives that count
then it’s only American deaths that count

So if one dead hero cancels one dead victim
let’s give some thanks this Thanksgiving
we’re more than half way there

NOVEMBER 11, 2004

NOVEMBER 11, 2004

It is Remembrance Day in Canada
Veterans Day in the good old USA

I am working from the house
faxes come in and faxes go out

People write me nice letters and send
beautiful pictures through the computer

I say “I love technology”
And then I remember

In Fallujah today
people in tanks as big as trains
are pushing pretty red buttons
and blowing out real people’s brains