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Last Year This Year Next Year

The thing 
about the calendars we use 
is that they have a 
hard place to start and stop 
It has been many moons since everything just rolled along

“Percept: Two Identities” Bronze sculpture by Debbie Gessner representing the phases of the moon and of life. The bronze looked at from one side shows a native man with the sun on his shoulder. The reverse side shows a man with the phases of the moon going through his hands as a necklace with each bead a different phase.

Qu’appelle and ESL

(Cree - Kah-tep-was "The River That Calls")

They come today
from countries far away
to learn this country's 
names for river, lake and tree

There was a time
the natives of this land
sat in these same desks
in de-braided fear
learning to forget them

This poem references the experience of First Nations children who were systematically stripped of their culture and language in Canada’s residential schools. September 30th is set aside in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation and marked by the wearing of orange shirts in memory of one young girl’s experience.