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There is nothing more prejudiced
than our immune system

It is always on the lookout
for anything different
to isolate and kill

If this were not so
we would be dead
faster than a scratch
from a dirty clawed cat

Sometimes the system messes up
and attacks the healthy cells instead

This is an auto-immune-disease
and the response must be suppressed

The body personal is hardly different
from the body politic
anything different looks dangerous

On this continent almost everyone
is a transplant and a threat
a lot of immune response arises from that

A black man in a white house
must be removed as soon as possible
even though he is a part of us

A course of immune-suppressants
must be started as soon as possible
or the patient will most likely die

In the body personal I don’t know
the names of any of the drugs
In the body politic it might be love



Politics and weather

Little round seated chairs
no-one could have sat on
ten minutes completely sober

Little round tables
completely covered at last call
fluted glasses perfectly filled
to the well marked tide line
(no charging for foam here)

Smell of well aged
beer, barf and barn boots
but no matter, it was men only
and they didn’t seem to care

In the service of progress I guess
it was decided by the province
that each town could vote
on women being allowed
to enter these sacred halls

George, the owner,
a man of steady habits
and unshakable prejudices
thinly disguised as principles
said “If you vote for this I close the place”
They did, and he did