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Last Year This Year Next Year

The thing 
about the calendars we use 
is that they have a 
hard place to start and stop 
It has been many moons since everything just rolled along

“Percept: Two Identities” Bronze sculpture by Debbie Gessner representing the phases of the moon and of life. The bronze looked at from one side shows a native man with the sun on his shoulder. The reverse side shows a man with the phases of the moon going through his hands as a necklace with each bead a different phase.



It was first solo cross country night
with all the fears of those new at flight

But the full winter moon lit a chess-board
of snow covered stubble and black fallow fields
and small creeks, winding east, from the mountains

All of the fears into the liquid moonlight melted
while flared nerves stayed open to the beauty

And the Cessna ran smooth at five thousand feet
I couldn’t have been higher, at fifty