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(a song still waiting for the music)

Alberta air, Alberta air
You’ve gotta breathe
that good Alberta air

It rolls in over the mountains
it rolls out over the plains
it smells of age old glaciers
and brand new gentle rains

It’ll cleanse your heart of worries
and wash your soul of pains

for there’s a world of love and kindness there
feel it blowing through your hair
Alberta air, Alberta air



Heading west for stampede city
doing two miles a minute through air
with a Chinook pouring over the mountains
and a rising feeling that you’ll never get there

You’re going slower and slower
over the rough wind swept ground
and you don’t want to land in that field
and of course, you don’t dare turn around

The needle and your knees
are all three on empty, knocking
and if you had a car, you’d pull over
get out the old can, and start walking

But you’ve made it, you land, and you park
and you know there’s someone you’ve got to thank
when the boys put thirty two gallons
in your thirty two gallon tank