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In Bethlehem
a refugee with sadness but no hate decreed
another generation is what we need

And a school where
the children of the refugees of holocausts and
refugees of refugees can learn together
learn to look inward first

This is a most beautiful and special place
with such regard for dignity and respect
so successful in their message of love
so filled with fairness to each side

That Arafat’s Palestinians burn their busses
and Israelis torture teachers and riddle walls

While Caterpillars sent from across the sea
creep closer each day in their wonderful
mindless mechanical way
with levelling intent

To be met with Gandhi smiles
and your help, if you give it


Hope Flowers School – Bethlehem



Collateral damage
is the disease of the day
and the greatest cause of dyin
is just gettin in the way

Yes people are dyin who have no say
people all dyin just from gettin in the way

In Palestine it’s Arafat
that they’re all aiming at

And the bombers of Allah
want Sharon to be gone

Refugee camps and ice cream shops
the bombin and the dying just never stops
and nobody’s factions own up to their actions
so it’s all reactions to reactions to reactions
with all the weapons piled on one side
and the other side reduced to suicide

Bush wants Hussein
Hussein wants the bomb
And half a million children die
who can’t spell embargo and don’t know why

Carpet bombers killing in wave after wave
while Bin Laden sits still safe in his cave
more Afghanis dead than in both towers
doesn’t impress the press or the powers

Children in uniform may be innocent too
killed in you don’t join, what would you do

Big business and the army
have screwed the world brown
but they’re not the ones dying
when the towers go down

Yes collateral damage
is the disease of the day
and the greatest cause of dyin
is still just gettin in the way

The feds had weapons that gave off sparks
And now Waco is full of Joan of Arcs
A crime that leads to Oklahoma City
and day care there was far from pretty

Yes an epidemic is under way, and a lot of
little children with nothing to say
dyin of the disease of just
gettin in the way



Alura and I jump till we’re tired
decide my leg is broken in two places
and rest looking up at yellow butterflies
and squirrels playing in the twinning tree
as fall winds rock it toward a winter’s sleep

The young nurse writes prescriptions
lays on healing hands
sprays medicine from an atomizer pen
a few sharp stick injections in the arm
and I am well again

A Poem Before Holland


I travel to Holland
on wings of a childhood story
silver skates and finger in a dike

To lands wrestled from an angry sea
a sea that dearly wants them back

Unceasing vigilance to keep the prize
a dark line drawn across their eyes

I see windmills chop the salt wet air
Art and flowers leaping up in faith
behind thin walls

Back to the little boy and the dike again
legal drugs and red lights in the rain

These are a fair and sturdy people
I like them now, and I like how

In a land where children must
so often act as men

They do not pass acts that treat
their men as children



In July 2000 New Dance Horizons in Regina
Saskatchewan put together a presentation for
“Dance and the Child International”

It consisted of dance, song and poetry
performed by about thirty young people
many from Canada’s “First Nations”

I had the privilege of coaching and guiding
them as they wrote their own poems

Following are some poems that I wrote
for samples of metaphor, and for the awe and
respect I felt for their talent and their courage

Also, I was totally star struck by the grace and
beauty of Robin, the director and dance
instructor who goes around quoting Neruda
and holds my disowned love of movement
so wrote poems for and about her as well



When I returned from anywhere by air

Roberta would run
full out across the crowded floor
take a gymnast’s leap ten feet away
and fly through the air into my arms

So pure a show it was of joy and love
so affirming of the goodness of all life
so full of youth’s unquestioned faith
she would be safely caught and held

that travelers all around

would stand in awe

Today she runs across a crowded floor
and leaps with equal joy
into the arms of another man with
equal trust she will be safely caught and held

And now I see what all those others saw

and I stand back in awe