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I am of course a little shy
to recommend that God
spend more quality time
on that big couch in the sky

But it appears he is showing of late
a tendency towards co-dependency

Telling everyone what they want to hear
and trying to keep every fanatic as a fan
as long as he can

Saying one thing one day to George
and the opposite the next to Saddam
disfunctionates the best of families
and has the world in a terrible jam

I’m not sure where he should go for advice
talking to yourself is not usually good
but sometimes the kids can help

So, if young Jung is around he might
do some work on those troubling dreams
or Siggy might be able to help with the
complexes and the coping schemes

So all I really want to say to the big guy
is there’s no shame in asking for help
and we’re all behind you, so please try



The trouble is
you can only count the bodies that count

Afghani and Iraqi soldiers and citizens
have already paid ten times 911
but it doesn’t seem to help

If it’s only American lives that count
then it’s only American deaths that count

So if one dead hero cancels one dead victim
let’s give some thanks this Thanksgiving
we’re more than half way there

NOVEMBER 11, 2004

NOVEMBER 11, 2004

It is Remembrance Day in Canada
Veterans Day in the good old USA

I am working from the house
faxes come in and faxes go out

People write me nice letters and send
beautiful pictures through the computer

I say “I love technology”
And then I remember

In Fallujah today
people in tanks as big as trains
are pushing pretty red buttons
and blowing out real people’s brains



“We thought of ourselves as people of culture.
How long will it be till others see us that way again? “
Iraqi friend of poet Naomi Nye

The collected works of Hafiz
still outsell the Koran in Iran

Today in Baghdad bombs and fear
scattered lovers of Rumi and Kabir

Museum of modern man’s cradle
lost eighty centuries in a day

Book starved minds, educated thumbs
video game cowboys blew it all away

We thought ourselves people of culture
how long before we can look
at ourselves that way again



The natives did share their food with the
first settlers

It is well documented
though not well known
that the first official Thanksgiving
(proclaimed by the governor of the
Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637)
was in celebration of a massacre of 700 Pequot
men, women, and children gathered together
for their own dance of thanks

Ordered out of their home they were shot as
they came forth; those who stayed inside
were burned alive

We have a long history of freedom

We have freed the Americans from America

We are now freeing the Iraquis from Iraq

There will feasting when the boys come back



There are thousands now
coming back from Iraq
one legged and deaf and blind
dragging the dead they left behind

Yet they speak so well
of those who sent them to that hell

That they are true patriots may be a fact
and this is how true patriots act

Or could article thirty four be the reason
where one critical word and your pension is
gone plus five years in the brig for treason