There are two
jagged lines across my palm
where I learned to use an axe at six
and a fingertip crushed by a grader at seven

There are marks made by light
that will remain forever too
here are a few still pink and new

Airport greets with morning rainbow
rare cardinal flies in for our meeting
Chinese screens roof tiles blue
getting to know you

Four hundred gathered
sacredness of Huna and Hula

A Wessel becomes a vessel
power pours through palms again

Flowers wrap the torch lit towers
dancing to Elvis “The night is young
and so are we in blue Hawaii”

Millennium poem a gift to all
little saint Tutu honors with a lei
passing it on is sacred enough
to say what I have to say

Rainbow in the valley of mists
forms a circle with us in the center
Walter the bear gives us a wave
to prove that we are there

A can of spam, coke, chips and thou
alone on a beach at the end of the world