The Fearlessness of Thomson

Being from the prairie
I have a healthy fear of forests
it is fine if they wish to tonsure a lake
but full surround is a whole other matter

I wonder if this was also true
of city pals Tom took to his home
it is hard to look nature full in the eye
while looking always over your shoulder

Which is not to say that Tom was braver
only the frightened have need of courage 
for Tom there was nothing to stay his hand
and no veil of fear between love and stroke

Go to any gallery, brave deep any painting
and see if you can feel the way that he saw

Poplar Point, Rock, Sun, Tom Thomson, 1916
On display at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound, Ontario as part of Tom Thomson: The Art of Authentication | July 30 РOctober 15, 2022

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