The Treasure of the Wilcox Madre

The gold in the archives
like the gold of new Spain
must be dug for again and again

The men who died in the digging
remembered by our holding it high

Today bandits are bandwidths of tech
where the young now search for shine
and find much fool’s gold salting the mine

There have been dark ages before
we owe what we know to storers of lore

Delphi was a library filled with knowings
though famed of oracle fueled by fumes

These are days for storing and sharing
Pere gathered the grain for filling this bin
let’s keep the fumes out – let the students in

The Archives Museum at the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame contains many treasures and rare books dating back hundreds of years including a copy of The Nuremberg Chronicle from 1493.

One thought on “The Treasure of the Wilcox Madre

  1. Linda Fite

    Neil, thank you again for sending your talents out into the universe. These verses widen my horizons and help me keep my feet on the ground. What a wonderful way you have with both deep thoughts and putting them into mesningful words!


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