The Man in the Irony Mask

Last man on the plane with a mask
trying to not catch covid and die

And for why

After a Casablanca conference in January of 43 
Churchill had Roosevelt driven to Marrakesh 
and carried to the top of a five storey tower 
to watch the sun set over the Atlas Mountains.

This I’d like to see

but then again knowing me
I’d check that off and add more to the list

I’d like to see my grandbabies babies 
and their babies and their babies babies too
but you know that that ain’t likely to come true

So what is one to do

I could ask the guy across the aisle
but it looks like he’s decided already

Winston Churchill painted this scene of the Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque the next day, reportedly the only painting he did during the war, and presented it as a gift to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

2 thoughts on “The Man in the Irony Mask


    Hi Jim and Libba,

    Your poem now. You can make him think whatever you like, and your list has expanded mine.

    Happy to have survived flight and avoided covid to keep option of our having more time together.

    All Blessings,
    Neil and Dorsey

  2. Jim Wells

    Neil, one thing on my list if I could see my “grandbabies babies and their babies and their babies babies too,” would be to spend another weekend hanging out with you and Dorsey; though “that ain’t likely to come true.” Libba and I are wondering what the man across the isle had decided—to live dangerously by not wearing a mask, to take a nap, to have a swig of bourbon, to kiss his companion, or perhaps to look at pictures of his grandbabies on his iPhone.


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