The tall old lady in Austin bent over her walker
inching her way across the street to the Driskill

She has a few drinks, listens to Margaret sing
has a few more and starts to sting along

About midnight she stands up to her full six feet
picks up that walker, and it never touches the street

The city crew in Edmonton all leaning on their shovels
watching a pretty girl walk their way
As she passes they pick up their shovels as one man
Turning in chorus line perfection they set them down
and lean on them as they watch her walk away

A blind man stands on a narrow street in Florence
A man comes up behind him, grasps his elbow
points the man’s white cane into traffic
right in front of our hotel car
Brakes screech, he pushes and follows
the blind man across the street
leaving him and us with mouths ajar

Climb out sunsets gain altitude as sun sinks
into the oceans or mountains, one more hour of beauty

A sun dance in the Dakotas, a fire walk in California
sunrise on Oahu, babies smiles, and Northern Lights

And You