“Even God himself dare not appear to a starving man,
except in the form of bread”
– Mahandas Gandhi

So many fellow women and men today
down at the corner of have and have not
asking for a little of what we’ve got

Flying cardboard signs that say
“I’m a hungry homeless vet”
or one I saw the other day
“the repo’d my Lear Jet”

Being a poet what I mostly have is words
but remembering the words of Gandhi
I decide instead of something to read
I’ll give them what they really need

It’s simple enough, just take an elastic band
and wrap three dollar bills around a bar
you can place them in their hand
or you can throw them pretty far

If monks balance the world with prayer
perhaps these souls balance it with pain

So if they don’t like granola, that’s OK by me
the carnivores can afford to attack a Big Mac
and the thirsty are half way to a six pack