Fire Relief Concert in Austin

It’s damn dry 
in Texas this year Y’all

It was summer in spring 
and it’s still summer in fall

Big old lakes are all piss-puddle small
and the cows are eatin’ Bar-B-Q grass
the ones that are eatin’ at all

A million trees and a thousand homes
burned up in Bastrop just like dry sticks

But the stars are gathering over in Austin
Willie and George and the Dixie Chicks

Neighbors who know and care how they feel
Lovett and friends and Asleep at the Wheel

So let’s all chip in and do what we do
I’ll write a poem, what about you?

Willie Nelson singing Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die at Fire Relief: The Concert for Central Texas October 17, 2011 – Click here to listen to him perform it live in 2013

One thought on “Fire Relief Concert in Austin

  1. Ken Christopher

    Hey Man! This sounds like the declaration of the new age. Cut the bullshit, holy crap and horseshit too.
    Git together sing a song or two
    Jerry Jeff, Townes Van Zant, Billy Joe Shaver, all the way to Timbuktu


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