Cowboys & Ranchers

Cowboys and Ranchers 
Cowboys may love their horses
but it’s the ranchers love the cows

The cowboys know it’s their job
to keep them critters safe
and pay and found depends
on their not coming to bad ends

But you won’t catch a cowboy
with a soft light in his eye
counting again by one and ten
every head in the holding pen  

And ranchers ain’t so likely
when the summer flies are high
and the herd a scattered mess
to wish them all in a warmer place 
than the sun-baked August West
The term “Pay and Found” is an old ranch expression which refers to pay, room and board

Looking forward to connecting with the poets, musicians, cowboys and ranchers at the Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering this weekend in Stony Plain Alberta. If you are in the neighbourhood stop on by! 

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