2 thoughts on “Trick or Sweet

  1. Holman

    We made sure to brush Chance’s teeth thoutoughly last night…which we always do I guess! Thanks for thinking of him.

  2. Joy Silzer

    six or seven decades pass in the flash with vivid memories like falling snow flakes.
    halloween in a one room school at the top of the hill at Ardill.
    construction paper chains in orange and black
    strung across windows and walls.
    jack o lantern grins with simple carving and a wax candle shining for an hour or two on the porch to welcome a truck load or a troup of country kids
    tumbling into welcoming kitchens to sing a song or recite a poem. Wonderful kind and generous big tubs of popcorn balls, apples and home made chocolate fudge wrapped in wax paper. On a cold night a big mug of cocoa, steaming hot to warm cold fingers while mittens warmed on the oven door.
    The only fear was fron the story tellers tale of headless horsemen and flying witches.
    how blessed i am that those are my memories of childhood and the scary ones have been locked away for another time!
    and now a NEIL A DAY to call up a memory to warm a halloween memory and shelter me from a world so changed from that!


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