The Bells of Le Crotoy

In the little village by the Baie
bells still wake you every day
And since not all the churches agree
we wait white each has its pretty say
then snuggle back for a little nap
because a bel is just a bell
and we're on holiday
If we had really listened 
we might have heard them say
We are the bells Jeanne d'Arc heard
breaking over walls of prison stone
the morning of her walk to Rouen
and then never heard again
We are the bells Jules Verne heard 
rattling rough shuttered windows
get up lazy writer and grasp for that pen
you have leagues to write 'fore you rest again
We are the bells that the fisherman heard 
on the mornings behind their names 
on the monument to men lost at sea
heard last before going to sea

Thinking of previous travels and the tradition of the bells in France falling silent prior to Easter.

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