Alden Nowlan’s Beard

The beard of Alden Nowlan 
is a Maritimes beard

A Nova Scotia beard
and a New Brunswick beard

A beard wind-thinned 
and pain gurled

With a beard like that 
best not sleep on the rocky ground

Well before morn it would grow into
what it grew out of

Want to know more about this great Canadian Poet?

Once more, I used a word because it sounded right and looked it up after.


  1. (ScotlandIreland) To growl or snarl. quotations ▲
    • 1834, Samuel Lover,  Legends and Stories of Ireland:The poor little doctor, thus rudely and suddenly aroused from his tipsy sleep, looked excessively bewildered when he opened his eyes, and met the glare of ferocious delight that Darby Kelleher cast upon him, and he gurled out, “What’s the matter?” as well as the grip of Darby’s hand upon his throat would permit him.
    • 1845, Alexander Wilson,  Poetical Works: With an Extended Memoir of His Life and Writings:“Weel may ye mind, yon night sae black, Whan fearfu’ winds loud gurled, And mony a lum dang down—and stack, Heigh i’ the air up swirled, Alangst yon brae, ye clam, and stack,

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