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My uncle shot my dog

My ever loving, ever loyal
saved me from the coyotes
went back to the ranch to
lead my parents to me
stuck in the mud – just
like in the movies –
Lassie dog

My uncle shot my dog

Maybe she had took to bitin’ people
if she did, I’m sure they had it coming

Maybe she’d got to eatin’ the chickens
if she did, she’d earned every one

Maybe she was old and sick and hurtin’
maybe she was better off dead
than alive

I don’t remember anyone saying that
but I doubt it would’ve helped

Not when it’s your best friend
and you’re five

My uncle shot my dog

My uncle shot my dog
and went to his grave

Maybe I can get it done
before I go to mine



It is April twentieth
two thousand and eight

Jeanne Guthrie died today
or stepped on a rainbow
as Kinky would say

The e-mail said
they took her off life support

Hell, she was life support
as everyone who knew her knew
for all family, friends, poets
and strays of every cry and hue

Yes, I loved her, as so many loved her
Texas sized heart and humor too

And must admit I loved
how much she loved
one line of my poetry

It is the line in “Winter in The Barn”
where; Kittens wait by a tin plate
to put their morning moustache on

She said it was her favourite line
in this whole wide world

I wonder if she will take it
with her into the next

Or will it remain in the book

Just another book
in a big box of books
packed off to Goodwill

The milk drying